I feel like “love” is so loosely used now, but where it is used the most loosely is with wine. I feel like anyone can say they love wine, but no one means it as much as I do. To love wine is to know wine, and I’m here to whine to you guys about wine. I was standing at Rudd Winery in Napa, freshly twenty one, and I realized how much I really love wine. The smell of an aged oak barrel is probably one of the best smells I have ever encountered15894947_361015270922113_8858576679975816994_n
. You literally smell the wines before you even see the bottle because of the barrel’s you’re surrounded by. And then they teach you about the process, which sounds like they are speaking a foreign language (some words they use actually are from a foreign language). Then those wine words happen; oaky, earthy, acidity, big, buttery, and velvety and there is always a “hint of” something. While you’re there trying not to get tipsy off of the fourth tasting, they are explaining to you the regions, the types, the year, the blend. You’re sitting there wondering; “Does this matter?”, “Do I need to know any of this”, and “If I ask for more cheese, will they get mad”. Yeah, I asked all of those questions myself and failed at the fifth tasting on the not getting tipsy thing. Which, side note, that is why people spit out the wine, they’re not crazy. So after this whole trip it got me thinking, I wouldn’t mind doing that for a living, not the tipsy wine tasting, the actual wine making. So I went to Barnes and Noble and Trader Joe’s, I bought “Wine for Dummies” and a bottle of Chardonnay and I got down to work. I’ve had this book for a couple of months now and have only made it to chapter three. Now I won’t say I religiously read or don’t slack off, but honestly even if I did, I think I would still be in the same position.. There is so much information about wine it’s kind of ridiculous. All I could think was I totally understand why people would much rather just drink it then learn about it, but now that I’ve learned about it, drinking it is even more interesting. Like remember how we were asking ourselves if any of those regions, types, year, and blends matter? Yes, they all have a purpose and they all matter, #allwinesmattertoo. My idea with this blog is to help everyone understand wine in layman’s terms so you’re not just the typical girl at the wineries getting smashed because “like duh, chard is my fav”.

XOXO your favorite wino


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