once upon a time in a vineyard far, far away;


I think it’s safe to say I’ve always loved wine, beginning with  throwing my pacifier into my parents glasses to literally biting into a wine glass when I was 3. I blame my parents for those because they raised me to appreciate wine, I just appreciated it sooner than expected. With my family being in the wine business and  wishing we had an inkling of Italian in us (which we don’t), wine was a “thing” in our household. My parents raised me to drink for the taste not for the drunk, which I won’t lie doesn’t always happen but I do know how to experience wine. I think I really got my first taste of wine at 11, it is when I got my first sip glass, which is literally a glass that is A sip of wine, but truly a sip is all you need to really taste and get the feel for the wine. At first I didn’t get the gist of it but I became sort of a party trick for my dad because I was pretty good at picking out the undertones and knowing the variety before I saw the bottle. Still with that trait I picked up early it still wasn’t my calling. At the ripe age of 10 I started on my quest to become the best cryptozoologist. “Cryptozoology is a pseudoscience involving the search for animals whose existence has not been proven due to lack of evidence”, If you don’t know, now you know, wino. So yes I believe in unicorns, fairies, and Bigfoot and I also believe I will find Nessie one day. When I realized that the Yeti wasn’t going to pay my bills I moved on to an even MORE common profession, singing. I started taking lessons, did two or three performances, got a couple of rewards and did some recordings. But then the worst happened, I got nodes, no I’m just kidding I just pretty much lost my heart for it and had a really bad experience at one of my performances. Then I decided to try event planning, I got my degree from New York Institue of Art and Design and tried my hand in wedding planning. I started to watch wedding shows to get an idea of what part of that  career I wanted to tackle. Obviously I watched too much “Say Yes to the Dress”, and Randy slightly got to my head but I decided I wanted to open my own bridal shop. During the realization is when my life changing trip to Napa happened, and that is where it all began. My overall goal is to have my own beautiful vineyard, make so much wine I could bathe in it for fun, and grow old with my puppy, my man, a couple of kids, and my very large fortune.

Things my fellow followers should know about, if you couldn’t tell I am really honestly weird but in the best way possible! I mean if you couldn’t tell from my beginning profession choice I’m  a little out there. I’m obsessed with The Real Housewives and you’ll catch me referring to the them a lot. One of my go to questions is always “What would your Real Housewives tag line be”. I have a vast knowledge of Hollywood gossip and random facts about nothing and everything. My bookmarks on my computer consist of; “The Bitch Bible”, “Style by Stassi”, “Food & Wine”, “TMZ”, and “Wine Enthusiast”. I also have several different stores in my “I Can’t Sleep so I’m Going to Online Shop” tab. I have an odd but not stalker-ish obssesion with Katy Perry and John Mayer; when I heard they were dating I literally cried of happiness. I will quote Britney Spears a lot she is a Phoenix who raised from the ashes and I find that very admirable. I also should be featured on Catfish, I am an amazing lurker (in the best way), and once found a person by only their first name and their favorite band. Found him on the first try too. I am a Disney princess and one day they will make a movie about me; Disney I’m just waiting whenever you guys are ready. Also I will judge you on who your favorite Disney princess is, it really does say a lot about your judge of character. I watch the grinch all year around and can quote it forwards and backwards. I am a proud mom of a one year old Pembroke Corgi, Aurora Rose, she is literally my pride and joy. I’ve never loved a little fur child as much as I love her, other than my fur niece Sasha ( who is Aurora’s BFF), my fur brother Diesel, and my non fur newphew Tenor “Chicken” Gregory Lypps. I have a lot of non dog family and friends, but I will introduce them to you as I feature them on my blog or video blog. Two people I will introduce now though is my boyfriend, Patrick. He is the ebony to my ivory, not literally I just sing the song to him and demand him to slow dance with me but he never does. My sister on the other hand will slow dance with me cause I make her. My sister Cassidy is my best friend by choice and by no choice since we lived in the middle of absolute no where. I am extremely outspoken, very sarcastic, and I love a good pun. I truly am a firm believer in being 100% honest and I’m sorry if it hurts your feelings or anyone’s feelings, but I’m not sorry at the same time because I would much rather want the truth than a lie. The problem with being too honest though with the mixture of outspokenness  is verbal vomit, I tend to say things are ugly, gross, or disgusting a little too loud and definitely always at the wrong time. You will catch me trying to be a little better about it by saying “it’s just not my cup of tea” or my mom came up with a new one based on wine “it might be better in a box.”. So if you ever catch me saying either of those it’s me trying to kindly say something just down right really sucks. Last but not least I always quote song lyrics, so hello world, this is me. If you don’t like me then you can go whine about it, if you do like me then wine with me. Can’t wait to wine with you again, feel free to leave any whining below!

XOXO your favorite wino



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